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Terms of Business

Accessing your files is an acceptance of our terms and conditions and agreement to make payment of according to the fee structure listed below relating to your project. All invoices are to be settled within 30 days off issue,.Interest will be charged on any outstanding amount exceeding 30 days at 4% over Barclays Bank Base Rate.  The company retains copyright of all work undertaken until such time as this account is paid in full according to the fee structure together with any interest arising.

Daily Rates and Fees

£2200 Theatrical sound team, Atmos/Dolby mixing and sound creation, sound supervisor.

£1800 Dialogue editing, cleaning, Mixing.

£8800   Sound editing/ Sound design.

Student short film and non profit projects.

£600 Mixing,dialogue editing and or cleaning, sound creation and design.

£800 Mixing,dialogue editing etc for projects longer than 4 days.

Client Downloads

The files contained in this area are password protected and change frequently.

Project Mercury

Project Winter

Project Matthew

Project Water

Project Minimata

Project West

Sound Post Documents

Free use ADR Sheets, Record records, logging sheets that can be adapted or rebranded for your company.

Making AAF for Pro tools from AVID, Premier, FCPX.

Tech Specs

DPP, R128, Sky differences to CH4 and ITV. DAB, USA LKFS. Amazon, Netflix.

Legal Documents

These documents are designed to aid sound professionals by providing a legal document that can be adapted by the user. They cover times and pricing for additional work that arises (re-conforms, re edits) in order that an open dialogue can be started with clients allowing time and costs to be accounted for.

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