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The Sound Directors Contats

Based in Farringdon, London. The Sound Directors are a team of established Sound Designers, 

Editors and Re-recording Mixers with more than 25 years experience.


We specialise in providing a bespoke creative sound service offering the highest level of care and attention to your project. Whether its for television, film and commercials we can manage all aspects working with you from initial stages of production to the final mix and deliverables.  

Partnered with The Alchemy Group, the studios are equipped with the latest systems for sound design, recording foley effects, v/o, adr.  


Mixing in 5.1 with a large screen projector, all facilities have access to our custom recorded and created effects library which holds Terabytes of our unique SFX. 

Mixing is performed at the highest international standard. AMWA and DPP (R128) specifications or Netflix Amazon assets.


Tel: 0709 222 0207

The Sound Directors Ltd

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